Monday, October 28, 2013

Mongering Nightlife in Geneva Switzerland

A Monger in Geneva

Geneva Swtizerland isn't well known as a mongering or nightlife spot and with good reason but like most European cities though it has its share of hidden brothels and streetwalkers freelance girls. So for anyone over there on business or a layover, here are my insights from my recent trip to Geneva. 

The red light district of Geneva Switzerland is in an Central NE area of the city called "Paquis" and specifically down a road called "Rue de Berne". there is usually one or two SW around whatever time of day you go there but from 6pm onwards the numbers really swell. I was there on a Friday night and in my 20 minute wanderings I would say that I saw 200 SW with 3 establishments with ladies advertising themselves in the windows (around 5 girls in each of there). The quality was poor overall with all the ones I saw over 35 (oldest one must have been 50!), about 60% white, 30% black and 10% Asian (I believe Thai). None higher than a 6 on a hotness scale and most around a 4 and overweight. Anyone wandering around should be warned there are loads of African youths hanging around. I think they are the pimps but didn't stick around long enough to find out the prices (I hear i can be CHF100 for 20 mins).

The brothel scene has much better picks. Each brothel has 4-6 girls on duty at a time when you walk in they are lined up in the hallway ready for your inspection usually topless or in lingerie. All are very slim , toned and 25yrs or younger. Mostly blonde Eastern European but some Spanish/ Latin/ Italian. They were on average an 8, the worst one I saw was a 7.5. So the prices can also be found on the website but FYI it was CHF100 for 20 minutes & CHF200 for 30 minutes. I got a BBBJCIM for CHF200, expensive compared to Asia but hey .... works out cheaper than a date with a regular girl in the West.

This chain has 7 hidden brothels around the city of Geneva. Went to see 4 of them which have been marked on the attached map. The best on I think is down "Rue Rodo" (marked with the largest spot). If you don't like the one on the first floor there is also another branch on the ground floor and a rival chain called "Venusia" right next door. FYI Venusia is open 24hrs charges about the same price as Geneva girls (which opens 11am-2am) but their girls are much less appealing being on average older and not as toned. Hotness scale of 5-7 for Venusia.

Also, completely unrelated to sex, there is a great English pub 200m away called "Lady Godiva" the food is pretty good, beers are all imported British and they show Premier league football. A great place to recover from your exertions with the girls.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mongering Trip Rio De Janeiro Brazil July 2013

Brazil Monger Story and Sex Prices 2013 2014

I arrived in Rio De Janeiro Brazil Monday afternoon and have gone to Balcony every night and pulled what I consider to be Brazilian hotties from the bar. Have not paid more than 150R for any one of them, all have started with 200 all accepted 150 right away when I countered. Some have wanted 10R for the cab ride back which I have given to them. My apartment is at the far end of Copacabana almost in Ipanema and balcony is way at the opposite end of Copacabana, I have walked from my apartment to balcony at 1 or 2:am by myself and have felt perfectly safe never a problem. I have heard this place is supposed to be very dangerous at night and maybe at one time it was but from my experience the place has improved and is safe. In my opinion balcony has some Brazilian hotties available. 

Afternoon Brazil Mongering

My mongering friend and I visited Villa Mimosa yesterday and I session with a Brazilian girl there total cost 50R for the girl and 12R for a half hour room. The room was clean and better than the rooms at T81 in Centro. I was surprised at how small the area is, I was a bit apprehensive when we got there but afterwards I felt safe about the whole experience and will probably go back on my own (in the day time) before I leave. Personally I thought there were some attractive women to be found in there. The best way to get to Villa mimosa is to take the metro from Copocabana and exit the Praca Onze station and then take a cab from there, it’s only a few blocks away and shouldn’t be more than 10R.     

We have visited 4X4 T30 T502 and T81 in Centro in my opinion there are attractive Brazilian women to be had at all of these places. 4x4 charged 260R for 40 minutes and has a 50R (I think) entry fee but if you session before 5:pm the entry fee is waived. T30 has a 30R entry fee with three drinks 145R for the half hour and 190R for 40 minutes, ask for Paula if you go there sexxxxy hot blond Brazilian girl does complete all three imputes super energetic and gives the best deep throat blow job I’ve had in a long time. T502 has a 20R entry fee with two drinks and 150R for 40 minutes and T81 has a 10R entry fee with two drinks and is 120R for the hour 90R for 40 minutes and 80R for the half hour but the rooms are a real dungeon. All of these termas are in a few blocks of each other and all can be reached from the metro if you exit the uragaiana station. I have found Centro to be very safe especially during the day time. We have been there as late as 9 or 10:pm and the place was still safe at that time.

Two things I have found that I do not like about the Brazilian girls, many seem to be taking steroids to get that big lag big ass look which does not turn me on. Twice I have taken what I thought were hot nice big assed chicks in the low disco lights of the boat  only to see them in the cabin to think I fucked up and got a post op tranny  because of the steroids they were on. Another thing I find annoying is many of the Brazilian women want to stick their finger in your ass when they are blowing you or even when you are trying to fuck them, this does not turn me on at all and in fact kills the mood for me, my vertical starts going horizontal any time they try doing that.

Was in Thailand for 20 days before I came to Rio De Janeiro for mongering practically came directly from Thailand to Rio, spent two days back in the United States and then on to Rio De Janeiro for some mongering and Brazilian girls. Fucked over 60 Thai chicks while I was there and personally I think on average the Thai chicks fuck better than the Brazilian chicks. However, far more Brazilian girls will let you fuck them in the ass than Thai chicks will.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cebu Philippines a Small Town for Mongering

Cebu Philippines Monger Trip - A Day in a Life

Woke up in the morning and there was a message on my phone from a Filipina girl named Tatzkie on my phone asking if she could meet. Said she was a call centre worker and she finishes work at 10am and wanted to meet me. I said ok and she rocked around the hotel just after 10am. Sex was pretty ordinary and she wanted 1000 peso which I gave her. Then she started looking at and grabbing all my stuff asking can I have this, can I have that. Didn’t matter what it was. It was my clothes, souvenirs, razors, anything. I just looked at her like she was mad and hustled her out of the room as quick as possible.

After that showered up and head down to Ayala Mall for a feed. After the feed I got up and was walking along the terraces when I heard my name called out. Was one of the guys I met the other night, Ian, and he was sitting outside in the Thai restaurant next to TGIF with a bunch of other foreign guys and a couple of girls.

He invited me to come join them for a few beers. There was a couple of Canadian guys, a couple of Yanks, an Aussie, Ian and the two Filipina girls. Most of the guys were in there late twenties, early thirties. Introduced myself to everyone and when it came to the two girls Ian said this is Ivy and I smiled and said to Ian I know Ivy. With Ivy was her friend from last week who had screwed Bill over with the fake rape bullshit. Ivy's friend looked very uncomfortable seeing me and I kept winding her up the whole afternoon.

Got a text from Junnette saying she wanted to meet me. She wanted to borrow 3000 pesos from me for rent. I said sure, knowing full well I wouldn’t get the 3000 peso back but she had spent a few nights with me and asked for nothing but cab fare so I looked at it as payment for services rendered. Told her to meet me at Bos Coffee and text me when she arrived and carried on drinking with guys.

Junnette turned up around an hour later and I went upstairs to meet her and give her 3000 peso. She asked me what I was doing and I said drinking with some friends downstairs. I asked her if she wanted to join but she said no, she had to pay the rent today else her landlady would kick her out (complete bollocks story) and had to leave. That was fine with me because I felt like having a decent drink today anyway.

Headed back downstairs and carried on drinking. Was interesting talking to all the guys there and how they make a living in Cebu. One of them owned a 60 person call centre and a restaurant/bar, two were in construction, another ran a telemarketer centre and another one had some investments back home and was living off the interest. Sent Rob a message to come on over. He was feeling wrecked from the night before but eventually came over.

Everyone was just getting wasted, laughing and having a great time. Was just like sitting around a pub with a bunch of mates. One of the guys there was completely wasted from the night before and had spent most of the afternoon sleeping. The guys there were showing me some of the stuff they had done to him when he had crashed out at parties over there and they showed me one of the most hilarious photos I had seen. They had a photo of a Chihuahua fucking the guys face and Rob and I were in hysterics when we saw it.

Rob decided he would start drinking again so went down to the supermarket and got himself a bottle of Jack Daniels. Everywhere he seemed to go he would buy his own bottle of Jack Daniels and just buy coke to mix with it. After 15 or so SML’s decided to switch to Tequila so went downstairs to the supermarket and got one of those 200 peso 1 litre bottles. Was mixing it with mango juice and apparently I was doing 50/50 tequila/juice mixes. Polished off the whole bottle in around 3 hours and was completely trashed. Apparently I was trying to chat up the waitress but was so fucked I couldn’t speak properly.

We headed out to Papillon after that and I was a total mess. I ended up crashing out there and they couldn’t wake me. Rob looked after me and made sure the Filipina bargirls didn’t rape my wallet. Not sure when I got back to the hotel. Night was pretty much a blur from 10pm. Was easily the most fucked I have been for a few years but had an awesome day.
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mongering on Perimeter Road in Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City Philippines - Monger at Perimeter Road Bars Angeles City Philippines Don Juico

Monday around 1 p.m. I headed out for Perimeter Road to do some mongering in Angeles City, stopping first at a money changer and then at Margarita Station for a quick lunch.  Then I stopped at JJ's market to buy some lollipops.  Finally armed and loaded, I grabbed a trike to Garfield's bar.  I've never been in the place, but it's an easy drop off for my real destination:  Nifty's and Club Rio famous Perimeter Road bars known for some racy action.

The name has changed but the song remains the same.  The two small Angeles City clubs, which have been a pair since my earliest memory, are now known collectively as Xenum.  Nothing has changed except the sign above the door.  There are still two small clubs side-by-side, each with its own stable of Filipina bargirls.

I went to the former Club Rio first, because six months ago I picked up a power trio and had a peak experience in Pacific Breeze's Admiral Suite, which I was occupying for a day at the hotel's request and need.  As soon as I saw the room, with its large jacuzzi, I knew a party was in order.  The three Filipina bargirls, all friends, were up for it, and so was I.  You may be able to find my TR from six months ago in October, 2012, if you're interested.

Angeles City Filipina Bargirls

Two of the three Filipina bargirls were missing but Joanna, who had been the ringleader, was there.  Celine was in Subic Bay and Cypress was in Manila.  That was okay with me because one girl was enough.  The only thing I didn't do during the previous escapade was anal sex, not because the girls weren't willing but because by the time I got to it I was out of steam.  Joanna had announced right away that she was a three-holer, so was Celine, and Cypress thought she was ready to try it.  So was I, but when it got down to it, I wasn't.  That was what I had in mind for this visit.

Unfortunately, Joanna said she had retired that part of her anatomy and hadn't done it for nearly a year now.  I bought her a drink and asked for recommendations.  She said at least one girl next door, a tall, skinny one, was game, although -- she looked me in the eyes -- I might be too big for her.  I gave Joanna a 50-peso tip and went next door.

There were more girls at Nifty's  (Or Xenum Left, if you prefer) and they gang-attacked as only hungry bargirls in little bars can do.  I had two hands in my crotch within the first minute.  I told the one on my left -- Jane -- what I was looking for, and even though she wasn't tall and skinny, she gave me that Pilipino up-nod and said "Me."  Then she grabbed my dick and said, "But you might be too big."  God, I hate to hear that!  Okay, no I don't.  But I assured her I would go slowly.

Neither of us finished our beers, and we were soon out the door and back to the Pacific Breeze.  It's a blatant walk-of-shame, of course, but the desk girls are cool.  Up to the room, where we both had quick showers and got down to it.  First, a blowjob, then on with the condom for regular sex.  Then I pulled out and Jane began stretching her back passage using her finger and the Wet lube I supplied.  (Recommended, by the way -- very slippery and apparently tasteless.)  

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sex Mongering in General Santos Philippines

Philippines Mongering General Santos

General Santos was different.  It reminded me of my trips to Ozamiz City, where my ex-girlfriend lived.  Although it's definitely a big town, it's much smaller than Cebu, and it doesn't take long to get out into the countryside.

Cherrypai (yes,really) met me at the airport.  Along with nine other members of her family.  They came in a large van.  It turned out that I was taking them all to lunch, since I arrived at midday.  I would probably have suggested it, but I wasn't given the option.  We went to a nice restaurant, of course, one they couldn't afford without a "rich" tourist to pay the bill.  There were 11 of us, and the bill was 6700 pesos.  Yikes.  Glad they took credit cards.  All this before the first kiss.

I had originally planned to meet a sexy Filipina Cristine in GSC, but she took a job in Malaysia, so she volunteered her aunt, who is the same age, 22.  I could have said no, since I had two other possibles from DIA lined up, but I met and talked with Pai on YM and she seemed a good possibility, too.  I figured if it didn't work out, there were the others.

The hotel I'd chosen online was a mistake.  The M-Loft might be on City Heights Road, but there were no heights.  I had envisioned a hotel in the hills overlooking the town.  Nope.  Not much of anything else, either.  No stores, no malls, no nothing except the usual hodgepodge of shops.  When we went to dinner at the mall that evening, the trike driver who took us back to the hotel had to ask three times to find it.  I knew right away that we would change the next day.  The room was small and poorly equipped.  No safe, no refrigerator, small tv, barely adequate air-conditioning.  The next morning, I had four mosquito bites.  (Fresh blood!)  And Pai had her period that was "almost over."  Not a good start.

Despite all that, I had a good time, mostly.  Pai was sweetly affectionate in the best GFE mode.  She took my arm immediately, walking out of the airport to the van, and she stayed close the whole time we were together.  And, to paraphrase Commodore Farragut, "Damn the period, full speed inside!"  Although Pai was a bit shy the first night, she was clearly willing.  The second night, she added three more notches to my gun, including a wakeup call at 4 a.m. that was (almost) entirely her idea.

Sex with a Filipina

I was sweating a little in the night because, despite the inadequate AC, it was too much for Pai.  She made me take off my t-shirt, then cuddled up.  She loved to cuddle.  But she was dissatisfied with the feel of her shirt between us, so she pulled that off, too.  Sweet Filipina titties.  When I put my hand on her fanny, she slipped out of her pj shorts.  Then she pushed mine down.  Sigh.  The life of a dedicated monger can be demanding.

The love-making that followed was the horniest of the trip, the horniest in long time.  In truth, I can't remember the last time a girl was the instigator, however willing.  Cherrypai wanted it and was willing to put up with a somewhat sluggish response from my old, tired equipment.  (This was Round 4, remember.)  She went down on me, something new for her but something she was willing to try at my suggestion.  Her inexperience was as exciting as a pro's finesse.  Unfortunately, my erection faded between mouth and pussy, and I was only able to stuff it into her with Pai's assistance.  I put her on her back and slid sideways under her legs, making us into an inverted T.  Later we switched to missionary, but I was fading, so I pulled out (well, dropped out) and grabbed the trust Pocket Pal.  She was slow to come, but got there eventually.

I thought that would finish things, but we weren't done by half.  Pai rolled on top of me and said "Cowgirl!"  I thought she just wanted to lie on top of me, something she liked to do,  She had more in mind.  Pai wriggled around until she got me hard enough and then slipped onto me, little by little, as I grew harder and gradually penetrated deeper.  Then my little cowgirl took a loooong ride.  Sometimes she bent down, pressed her breasts against me, traded sour kisses and worked her hips up and down.  Sometimes she rose up, pressed me as deep as I could go, and rode me into the sunset.  Well, sunrise.  She ground herself on me, bumping so hard I was sore for two days, and made herself come.  Few girls come while making love, in my experience.  Usually a little hand, mouth or buzzer is needed.  Pai didn't need them.

During Day 2, we went up to Polomolok -- about 30 km -- to visit the family.  I was on display.  The same large van showed up in mid-morning.  This time, Pai's mother, who had missed the first visit, came along to see the big Kano.  There were only seven of us this time, some repeats, some new.  Besides wanting to see me, Mama was hungry, so we went to an early lunch around 10:30 a.m.  Another 700 pesos.  Pai and I didn't eat because we had had a late breakfast at the hotel.  The first stop, though, was to transfer to Sun City Suites, a much nicer and centrally located hotel.  I had to abandon two prepaid nights at the M-Loft but I didn't care and haven't bothered to look up how much that cost me.  (Note to myself:  Be sure of the hotel before prepaying through Agoda.)

In Polomolok, we went to two different homes outside town, staying for half an hour at the first and nearly two hours at the second.  Both were primitive by Western standards, although they had electricity and running water.  The first consisted of a series of shacks with roofs but no real walls, just bamboo lattice hanging down.  I wonder what that's like when the rain comes.  The second was better, although not by much, but it had actual walls.  The CR was the usual -- flushed by dipping water from a pail and pouring it into the bowl.  I'm glad I only needed to pee.

I was the center of rapt attention and, since ordinary conversation was not possible, I played to the kids, joking and taking photos.  They loved posing and then seeing the result on my camera display.  The adults enjoyed it, too, but I had already cemented my position by holding a sleeping 1-year-old while the family ate their early lunch.  Or maybe it was paying for the lunch.

One of the few things I dislike about Filipinos is the tendency to pile on.  I hosted a dinner once for my ex-girlfriend's "immediate" family, but that covers a lot of ground in the Philippines.  Two roast pigs and many side dishes later, I felt like I had fed an entire neighborhood.  Some of the uninvited guests had the brass to ask for money to get trikes back to town afterward.  Grrrr.  Bringing groups of people who expect to be fed is the most common symptom.  I wish I could get into their heads and see it the way they do.  Are they just soaking the rich tourist or do they actually think it's natural and proper?  I try not to get pissed off, but it irritates me.

The third day, Pai and I mostly stayed in the hotel watching movies on tv.  We ventured out to the mall for lunch but had dinner brought in from the adjacent restaurant.  We made love again twice and almost a third, but I had skipped the V vitamin assuming we wouldn't.  I was twice wrong, but I nothing left in the tank to offer her the last time except a limp hose, so I pulled out the Pocket Pal again.  That was second best as far as Pai was concerned, but not something she wanted to turn down.

Pai's hunger for me was astonishing.  A hug and kiss in the early morning set her off again.  She wasn't much interested in my needs.  She wanted it, wanted me, wanted something pushing into her, as deep as possible.

My flight on the following day was at 11 a.m., and that's when things went to hell.  Cherrypai had mentioned that she was "renting" her uncle's van.  When I asked how much he expected, she said "Six," and I offered her six pesos as a joke, thinking she meant 600.  Nope.  Turns out uncle was expecting six THOUSAND pesos for two trips, maybe four hours total.  I mean, I could have rented a fleet of taxis all day for that much.  Again, I can't imagine what they were thinking.  Perhaps that I was that stupid.  It pissed me off hugely.  I gave Pai an extra thousand, mentioned that I bought gas the previous day for another 500, and refused to pay it.

She didn't like it, but I was adamant.  The plan had been for Pai to go to the airport with me.  Instead, I had the hotel call two cabs, one for each of us, and sent her on her way.  A bad ending to an otherwise delightful experience.

So Thursday, I was on my way back to Cebu to see Jasmine.  I had an evening layover, because the flight from GenSan arrived too late to catch the flight to Clark and Angeles City.

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